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the European premier league


What is The European Premier League?

The European Premier League? is a proposed new competition that will involve the most prominent clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and possibly others. 

 Sky News reported that a package of £4.6 billion ($6bn) is being worked on from the bank JP Morgan to see the formation of this brand new league, The European Premier League could be a replacement for the  Champions League.

To date, no official statements have been made regarding this new competition, plans to form a European Super League (association football)

The European Premier League had been on the cards for years, and the European Premier League would be a new format of that original idea.

In our opinion, The European Premier League would not replace the existing UK  Premier League. Still, it may be the end of the current emphasis of the Champions League as we know it - and would undoubtedly change the world football hierarchy.

Most probably the European Premier League usual fixtures would take place during the regular club season should the tournament be given the go-ahead.

Sky News reported that The European Premier League would be played with home and away fixtures with similarities to the current Champions League.

Whichever teams finish The European Premier League highest positions would the compete in a knockout style tournament final and be crowned European Champions.

This type of package would be extremely lucrative for all involved.

Let's look at The European Premier League format and tell you what the important things you need to know. 

Which teams could be playing within the European Premier League?

The European Premier League is more than likely to involve possibly 16 or even 18 teams, with the football clubs then playing a minimum of 30 matches throughout a normal football season.

A minimum of five clubs playing in the UK Premier League could be named as The European Premier League members, with Liverpool, Manchester  United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham are rumoured to have been approached to join The European Premier League.

The World Famous Football Clubs of Liverpool and Man Utd have already been involved in the 'Project Big Picture' proposal but failed as it was voted against by the other 18 UK Premier League clubs.

Spanish Football clubs Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have also reportedly been approached with an invitation to play in the proposed European Premier League, although no official contracts have been confirmed.

Spanish club Real Madrid - as well as the club president Florentino Perez - are understood to have been majorly involved in plans to create the European Premier League, alongside the European Football Club Giants of French side Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus from Italy and Bayern Munich from Germany.

However, despite being mentioned in documents regarding The European Premier League, Bayern Munich has denied involvement in the 2018 European Super League plans.

How soon could the European Premier League begin?

A date of 2022 has very cautiously been put in the diary for the starting season of the European Premier League.

How could the European Premier League affect the World Famous Champions League and equally popular English Premier League?

The European Premier League would never replace the English Premier League. Still, its fixtures would possibly replace the regular Champions League fixture dates, meaning that the Champions League would be without many of their lucrative and famous names - with this new competition becoming the Worlds most sought after  European knockout competition.

The European Premier League matches would be played in addition to English Premier League and other European domestic important games.

The European Premier League hopefully would not end clubs' involvement in the European home leagues, but even so, the financial consequences would be very serious - especially with the effects of the serious Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the European Premier League may take priority over each clubs' respective home leagues which would definitely affect the lucrative worldwide broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals.

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The Teams below are some of the teams rumoured to be involved in the formation of a super league called The European Premier League. 

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